Heathen Clothing and Occult Art

Created By Heathens for Heathens

Every design is created by an artist with a Heathen heart.

We are merging symbolism from many pantheons and belief systems with our modern lifestyles. We will be digging deep into mythology and folklore to breathe new life into the wonders that are found there. From the shores of the Nile with our Bastet design to the icy fjords with our Fenrir shirt.


Heathenism is a broad term that refers to beliefs or practices that are outside the scope of Christianity, Judaism, or Islam. There are many differing ideas and pantheons among pagans and practitioners of any variety of Magick. Here, at the Heathen Temple, we feel as though all of us can be unified under this once derogatory term, Heathenism. We invite you to join us in proudly embracing our Heathen nature as we continue to progress on our personal spiritual journeys and continue to develop our relationship with the Heathen Gods and Goddesses of old.